Contact Centre Solutions

We have the World’s best Headset products for your Contact Centre

Polaris has a range of different headset products to suit contact centres using Desk-phone, UC / Softphone applications, or a combination of both.

Our Soundshield headset products are the most Acoustically Safe in the world and the only ones to protect contact centre agents from acoustic shock.  The Soundshield products are our first and foremost recommendation for any contact centre.

"All Polaris products are comprehensively supported by Polaris' industry renowned Customer Service team. Here's what one our customers recently had to say about our service: 

"The system Polaris has in place to look after their customers came into play and I was not only completely satisfied but totally amazed at the speed of your entire system in repairing and returning my product."

- Peter from Queensland via email.

Our Contact Centre Recommendations