Soundshield and Why it’s Important to use

2016-04-12 17:48:47 |
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The Soundshield Wireless Headset is a first of its kind in the world. It is the globe’s first wireless headset designed particularly with one user in mind: contact centre agents. This though, is not your average wireless headset.

The decision to develop the Soundshield was born out of the need to offer the world (and contact centres in particular) something that was dearly craved in the industry: a truly genuine acoustic safety device.

Little Background

See, the proliferation of the contact centre industry over two decades ago brought with it unforeseen challenges. The number of employees complaining of unusual symptoms after being exposed to acoustic shock (a term that wasn’t coined back then) was worrying. Headset wearers complained of symptoms like dizziness, vertigo, headaches, tinnitus, jaw and neck pain; facial numbness even.

It was then that Polaris decided to dip its foot in untested waters by developing the first headset device with unmatched acoustic protection capabilities. Many years, tens of thousands of man hours, and a few upgrades later, the world – and call centres – were gifted the first truly acoustic headset device: the Soundshield 4G.

Why Soundshield Wins

What made the Soundshield Wireless Headset such a success partly could be attributed to the desire by Polaris to consult the end user – the call centre agents – on what their dream headset would be like. The end product boasted features that were a direct result of that rigorous research:

ü  Easy call controls

ü  Easy installation process

ü  Stylish and ergonomic design

Couple that with a lightweight device aimed at achieving maximum comfort, and extra features such as a large, intuitive touchscreen, easy one-touch pairing, lengthy talk time (in fact the longest of all wireless headsets), HD wideband sound quality, and side-by-side remote supervisor coaching and training, and you have yourself the most complete headset in the world.

The Acoustic Touch

However, without the acoustic shock injury protection capability, the Soundshield Wireless Headset device would not be complete, for it is this feature in particular that has come to be associated with Polaris wireless headsets over the years. Call it a Polaris earmark.

These headsets guarantee call centre agents total acoustic shock protection and the shortcomings of long-term noise exposure. This is achieved through a two-pronged approach to acoustic safety.

First, the technology is able to limit incoming volume which protects the headset user by decreasing long-term noise exposure. Second, it has inbuilt shriek rejection software which thwarts acoustic shock triggered by abrupt and unanticipated noises and high-pitched sounds.

Goes to show why over 150,000 Soundshields have been installed in contact centres across Australia and abroad. No wireless headset comes close.

Moreover, Soundshield adheres to the Australian Industry Standard AS/ACIF S004 & TT4, is a multiple product design award winner, and market leader in terms of innovation and adoption.