Preventing Acoustic Shock Injuries at the Workplace

2016-04-12 12:39:00 |
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The benefits of wireless headsets are well known, whether we are talking business or personal use. Poor quality headsets, however, are best not used because they pose multiple risks for the wearer, especially when used over a lengthy time period. One such prevalent risk goes by the name acoustic shock.

Acoustic shock is a situation that occurs after hearing a sudden (usually unexpected) high-pitched sound or loud noise, often known as an acoustic incident. They are a common occurrence, particularly among people who rely heavily on the telephone. Call centre employees are a perfect example.

The causes range from sudden high pitched tones, shrieks, or those other noises that occur within phone networks.

As much as they may not result to fatal injuries, their long-term effects such as hypersensitivity to high-level sounds and hearing impairment are no doubt life-changing.

Random, Like a Natural Disaster

Using a headset means you are susceptible to acoustic incidents every once in a while because many of the sounds that result to this kind of injury are unavoidable. Think telephone line issues that result to loud shrieks, think IP network shrieks, think incorrectly dialling the fax machine. Heck, even callers who accidentally drop their handset on a desktop can be a cause. A common one at that.

Acoustic shock injuries may not be as simple as one is prone to think. Most of their causes (like the aforementioned) are well known, but the tricky thing is that they appear at random which makes them very difficult to prevent.

Unless, of course, you have the right protection device to act as a cushion for your ear. In truth though, is there a protection device that gets the work done 100 per cent? Let’s find out!

Quality Matters

Headsets have been around for many years now. The market is littered with them, some claiming to offer acoustic protection, but beware before you make your investment. At the moment, the only headsets on the market that have been proven to completely eliminate acoustic shock injury are the Polaris Wireless Headsets as well as its Soundshield 4G Acoustic Safety device.

These are the culmination of over 50,000 man hours spread over several years of work with the prime purpose of achieving excellence in mind. Little wonder then they’ve bagged numerous product design awards, each of which is a special recognition in its own right.

Learn more about the Soundshield and Polaris’ wireless headsets here.

Prevention is better than Cure

The old adage that prevention is better than cure rings very true when discussing acoustic shock. Actually, there are no known particular cures for long-term acoustic shock injuries, and some (like hearing loss) are irreversible.

This is why it pays to always go for the best headset on the market that can truly guarantee acoustic shock prevention. For companies, this could mean staying clear of lawsuits, and potential damage both in terms of financial loss and reputation damage. For individuals, continued exposure to these injuries could spell deafness.

Prevention is certainly always better than cure.