Benefits of having a good Wireless Headset

2016-04-12 14:26:25 |
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The modern day office environment has increasingly become a frenetic place. In fact, the sight of employees using their computer while simultaneously consulting notes on their desk, phone clutched awkwardly against the ear, paints this picture best.

Blame them not. It’s all in the name of productivity.

Getting caught in this rush to get more done, however, can (and does) lead to an array of problems over time. Not that anyone needs reminding anyway. You’ll often hear many people whine about chronic neck and upper back pains, some without realising what the underlying cause could be. Well, how about handling the telephone in an improper way? Or using the wrong kind of hardware?

To their workforce’s benefits, some companies (not necessarily call centres) have realised that the passé wired telephone is a health hazard in its own right and needs to go. In its place, is a growing number of wireless headsets which are not only less clumsy, but also more effective, not to mention trendier.

Health concerns aside, wireless headsets offer many other benefits.

Better ergonomics

The days that workers used to grip the phone against the ear are long gone. The result has been improved ergonomics in the sense of eliminating the problems associated with the legacy equipment.

With wireless headsets, workers can assume a better sitting posture while freeing both their hands for other tasks.

Speaking of sitting…

More freedom

Wireless headsets allow staff to move away from the confines of the desk and pace about the office while on call. As much as this frees them from the shackles of the wire they would be tied to, it’s a health boost what with the extra reduced sitting periods and leg stretching.

Indeed. A study in 2014 by the Sax Institute discovered that Australians over 45 who sat for lengthy durations (11 hours a day) were more likely to die in the next three years compared to those who sat four hours a day.

Totally avoidable problems, don’t you think?



Improved communication

No office telephone beats the clarity of a quality wireless headset. They boast the noise-cancellation feature which affords employees (or anyone else for that matter) crisp clarity, muffling any external noise, especially in noisy quarters.

Increased productivity

With the clipping of health and ergonomic concerns in wireless headsets, it follows that these headsets should boost productivity.

Looking at the bigger picture, there are less breaks, less sick leave, and less staff compensation claims.


Providing employees with incentive to become more productive includes furnishing them with enabling tools to work more effectively.

Something as simple as an overhaul of the business phone system creates a conducive environment, with happier staff and peace of mind for the business owner that their staff have the tools to leverage business opportunities and drive maximum profits at the end of the day.