Benefits of having a good Wireless Headset

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The modern day office environment has increasingly become a frenetic place. In fact, the sight of employees using their computer while simultaneously consulting notes on their desk, phone clutched awkwardly against the ear, paints this picture best.

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Preventing Acoustic Shock Injuries at the Workplace

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The benefits of wireless headsets are well known, whether we are talking business or personal use. Poor quality headsets, however, are best not used because they pose multiple risks for the wearer, especially when used over a lengthy time period. One such prevalent risk goes by the name acoustic shock.

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Soundshield and Why it’s Important to use

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The Soundshield Wireless Headset is a first of its kind in the world. It is the globe’s first wireless headset designed particularly with one user in mind: contact centre agents. This though, is not your average wireless headset.

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